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Author Topic: DD A330 / Gemei A330 firmware interchangeability question  (Read 4481 times)

Koji-Kendo (OP)

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DD A330 / Gemei A330 firmware interchangeability question
« on: January 14, 2014, 03:56:45 pm »
Does anyone know if the Dingoo Digital A330 and Gemei A330 can share the same firmware updates?
Couldn't find a straight answer anywhere else online.

Also there's that "LE" / "EX" version thing.
((Serial numbers "0300.." --> "EX" version, "0301.." --> "LE" version) I know cause I have them both, Can't seem to find a badass black one anywhere though...)
Would that affect the firmware compatibility at all?

I've read horror stories of people trying to update their consoles so I'm at a stand still 'til I get more info.
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