Author Topic: Dingoo Digital (PAW PRINT) A320 / Revo K101+ (PAIR combo) + Gemei A330 FOR SALE!  (Read 3520 times)

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Adult owned, looks almost perfect, The device has been great. Includes all the goodies and very good install of Opendingux with emulators and "files" for the user to explore.

I will also email the buyer with gigs and gigs of dingoo files and long gone games,apps and updates.

This is the official model that was made, not the knockoff model with HK branding.

The buttons feel perfect and I will be sad to see it go, I do more emulation on my phone now.

This has become a device of legend and I have to say I used to make fun of it, then I spent $150 to get this REAL official one from someone I knew in China.

I am also selling a Gemei A330 and X2 Revo K101 Plus models with Linkcable and extras too.
I need some cash and I am moving so any buyer will help me out.

I accept Paypal and you can pay with Merchant services or just pay as "Friends and Family" to save $25 off the price! I really do not want returns on this and I want the buyer to know what they are buying. I cannot afford to have a return on these items and loose even more money.

Please take a look at my Dingoo and see one of the rarest and best made handhelds for pocket emulation known to man. I think it emulates all systems perfect except a few MAME and SNES games that used the FX chip. Picodrive and Sega CD on a Gameboy Micro like device is... Amazing.

The screen has zero scratches and zero dead pixels... RARE to find nowadays!
4GB FALSH + 4GB / Opendingux and tons of stuff apps games etc + a few Mini SD card adapters for you to use.

I want these items to go to a good home. ALL include shipping.

Dingoo a320 + Extras : $100 - Pay as Friends and Family
Dingoo a320 + Extras : $125 Pay with Merchant Services

Gemei a330 : $80 - Pay as Friends and Family
Gemei a330 : $100 - Pay with Merchant Services

X2 Revo K101+ Plus PAIR + Extras : $200 - Pay as Friends and Family
X2 Revo K101+ Plus PAIR + Extras : $225 - Pay with Merchant Services

Sorry I just cannot afford to loose more with buyer remorse guys. I hope a collector sees this and snags it up! Love the community and wanted to offer it here first! Thanks

PM me for info and images I have good images but the size is too big too post. If want more info on the REVO K101+ or the super rare Gemei A330 I have for sale too, just PM me. I have images for all the items. I just cannot post them without destroying the quality.

Thanks! MESSAGE ME and ask about them! We can work something out!

Here is the EBAY listing with images
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