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Mame4All & Xmame Emulators
« on: February 14, 2017, 09:36:20 pm »
Hey Everyone

I am new to the Dingoonity forum and a new owner of a GCW Zero
and I have it pretty much down packed and 70% have it figured out
but i just have a few questions about the Mame4All and Xmame emulators
and here are my questions....

1. does the Mame4All emulator even exsist any more? if so is there a link to an OPK file for it
because i can NOT for the life of me find an OPK for it and i've searched ALL over the forum
and NO links work

2. would getting arcade games from Emuparadice and Freeroms work?

3. how do i know which are the correct game files to use on Xmame?

4. how do i add the correct Mame game files to the GCW? i know how to use the GCW Manager
i'm just unsure of which folder to add the game files into

hopefully someone can help me out and give me a walk through and my questions can get answered