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Author Topic: Additionally mapping up to face button in UAE4ALL, Vice & Unreal Speccy  (Read 1238 times)

howie_k (OP)

  • Posts: 157

I would like to map the "up" d-pad direction to a face button, but still have the "up" d-pad direction working as well.

The reason for wanting this is for platformers / side scrollers which use the "up" direction for jumping and for climbing ladders, as I would prefer to use the d-pad "up" for climbing ladders and a face button for jumping.

This would come in handy for games like Ghosts N Goblins amongst others.

I have fiddled with the button mappings in Vice(x64), UAE4ALL and Unreal Speccy, but can only map "up" to a single input.

Not sure if I am being overly choosy here - would appreciate any feedback from people familiar with these emulators!


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