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Re: zerox86 released!
« Reply #150 on: October 29, 2015, 12:39:03 pm »

In zerox86 you see the available folders with A and choose with START.
In example press A to see the folder "games" and press START to go into the folder. Press A again to choose a folder:


Choose with UP or DOWN and START to open the folder "ckeen4"
Then again A to see the executable files:


Apparently keen4e is the game so choose and press START.


I have hit A

I see then in the list zerox dos or ckeen 1

I tried selecting both and this is whay happened.

I hit A
highlight Zerox Dos and press start
The commmand line then reads C:>"zerox dos"\
I hit start
then I get invalid path "zerox dos"\



So I hit A
I see now C:\>"zerox dos"\
I hit start again
I have more options
I select \ckeen 1 and hit start
I hit A again
now I have the exact same options as before

And if I hit start I get the invalid path message from above.

Am I maybe not saving the files correctly?  They need to be unzipped and just in a folder on my SD card or internal storage correct?  I dont seem to be getting the other files you are mentioning.  I am not seeing anything to run it or keen4e.exe nothing like those options you mentioned at all. 

It does not seem to be opening the folders in the directory. 


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Re: zerox86 released!
« Reply #151 on: October 29, 2015, 12:41:03 pm »
Dongo to get into a folder just type "cd ckeen1" for example, to get out "cd.." to run a game inside the folder AFTER you get in the folder just type the name of the exe file "keen4e". The game sometimes is either game.exe or or game.bat. You just type the name and ENTER.

If I do

cd ckeen 1 get the same invalid path error.


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