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Title: Meteoroid3D (2nd try)
Post by: Ziz on February 10, 2015, 04:53:23 pm
Hi guys,

zear moved the old release thread of Meteoroid3D because of a big bug, which is fixed now.
So here is my second attempt for an official release thread for...

The first real 3D game for your GCW!

Throught your Nintendo DS to the corner, now comes the hard stuff.
All kids in the train, bus or at your work will be jealous of you playing this awesome game wearing fashionable 3D glasses (Luna Lovegood approved!).

First of all a video (Pandora version, but anyway):


As you can see, this is a high end stereoscopy graphics asteroids like shooter.

Feature list:
Download it here:
http://ziz.gp2x.de/downloads/meteoroid3d/meteoroid3d.opk (http://ziz.gp2x.de/downloads/meteoroid3d/meteoroid3d.opk)
Or with the OPKManager!