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Title: Dark Light Battles!
Post by: gameblabla on May 31, 2018, 12:32:14 am
Here's a port of Dark light battles !, a game by Richard Phipps and originally made for the Speedhack 2005 Entry.
It was then ported to GP2X with the use of SDL by Peter Sundling 3 years later !
Here's the original readme by him in person, with some modifications relevant to the GCW0 port.

Download the game here :
OPK (https://github.com/gameblabla/darklight_gcw0/raw/master/releases/dlight.opk)
Source code :
https://github.com/gameblabla/darklight_gcw0 (https://github.com/gameblabla/darklight_gcw0)

Dark Light Battles is a turn based fantasy wargame for 1 or 2 players.
There are two opposing sides, Light and Dark each of whom starts with 8 'units' of 4 types (soldier, knight, archer & mage).
The aim of the game is to stay alive and kill all the enemy units.

Use the DPAD to change playmodes, credit screen and quit.
Press [A] to confirm the current selection.

Select units with [ A ]. It's also used to close messages.
Press [ A ] to move the selected unit to the tile under the cursor.
Press [ B ] to deselect the selected unit. Any remaining movement points are lost.
Press [ B ] on a unit to view its stats.

Select units by pressing [ A ] while they are under the cursor. When a unit is selected you can, provided it still got movement points,
move it to any nonoccupied tile next to it. Moving onto enemy soldiers will make your unit attack them.
Enemies that gets highlighted can be attacked.


You can attack enemy units within your attacking range or trees if you are next to them. If you kill a enemy or a tree that is immediately adjacent then your unit will move into that space. Note, trees can only be attacked if immediately adjacent.

Attacking an Enemy unit will either kill the enemy or not depending on your attack and their defence.


- You start off with 3 soldiers and these are the weakest units, they are weak on attack but have a good defence.
  Their main advantage is that they are the only units who can move 2 squares in one turn.
- Next you have 2 knights who are good all-rounders, good in defence and attack.
- You also have 2 archers. These have poor defence, but have a good ranged attack of 3 squares.
- Finally you have one mage who has a good defence and an excellent ranged attack of 3 squares.


Castles are perhaps the most important part of the game.
At the start of the game each side has one castle they are controlling (A dark or light castle) and approx. 8 neutral castles.
If you move one of your units adjacent to a neutral or enemy castle you capture it and there is also a random chance of another unit for your side being created around the castle.
This is the key to increasing the size of your army and so castles are strategically important!

Ending Turn

The turn 'should' end automatically when you have moved all your units, but in case it doesn't you can press [ X ] on your GCW-Zero and the turn will end.
If you select a unit, you can finish it's turn by pressing [ B ].
Pressing [ B ] on a unselected unit will show the stats for that unit type.

Exiting the Game

Press [SELECT] ingame in a players turn to exit. You need to hold them in for a couple of seconds to quit a CPU vs CPU game.
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Post by: Drem on June 03, 2018, 12:53:02 am
Link to OPK don't work.
Title: Re: Dark Light Battles!
Post by: gameblabla on June 03, 2018, 02:03:32 am
I'm always embarrased when i make last minute changes and forget to update links.
Fixed, thanks.
Title: Re: Dark Light Battles!
Post by: hanol on June 22, 2018, 09:46:10 am
Not too much fun,but thank you all the same!