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Author Topic: want to have someone with knoledge and experience replace my d-pad and buttons  (Read 2316 times)

jimclarson (OP)

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hi, i have a gcw zero that despite my love for it has been collecting dust due to the sticky d-pad/face buttons and not taking the time to post about this sooner im wondering if anybody on here who feels confident/competent and has opened up the zero before for button replacement, i could send you my gcw zero and you could buy as part of the service fee [or i could buy and send along with the unit] the 3d printed buttons.

i really wanna get back into the zero again. i dont feel confident in my ability to safely take the thing apart and re-asemble it without any wires breaking or something like that and im not very good at soldering so like i said, somebody who feels confident and compitent who's opened up their zero before without error. i dunno what i should pay for a service like what im speaking of, so whoever feels up for it send me a message and maybe we can work out a deal. also as far as payment is concerned i'll be able to pay no sooner than the 1st of the month, but i just thought i'd make this post now while it was on my mind.


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I'd also be interested in if there's a service for this. I pulled out of a purchase on here a few weeks ago over my concerns about the buttons. I'm in the UK by the way.


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    • 0x64.ca
I've been doing repairs and button replacements for the GCW for a couple years.

I have all kinds of parts, including 3d-printed buttons in stock, so there will be a relatively quick turn-around.

The best way to contact me is through email (my username @0x64.ca).

As for rates, it's a flat rate + the cost of buttons + shipping both ways to/from western Canada.


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It?s really quite easy i can now strip my gcw in few minutes and put it back together pm me if you need help or pointers.