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minor feature to Gambatte.

First, I wonder how do you compile software for the GCW zero? I have no idea on how to compile source code and convert it for GCW usage. Secondly, I notice the emulator Gambatte unlike Ohboy does not allow you to use any borders. I was wondering if there was a way to add at least one border automatically if there is no scaling? It would be nice since Gambatte has much better sound than Ohboy for some reason. If its something that I can't do easily without any programming language knowledge then forget about it. I will just live with Ohboy's lower pitched sound. I surely am not going to ask anyone to do this for me since I doubt anyone would be up for it, but if someone does, then I appreciate your kindness in advance.

So far, the GCW has been much better than I expected. I was disappointed with other devices such as the JXD handelds and other handheld android devices when it came to emulation, but that is mainly since I don't like the Android interface (the way it looks), and the screen on those devices not having good contrast or deeper colors when playing games along with the fact that the screen is often too big which means, I have to shrink the screen to a certain size since I don't like using filtering or blurring of any sort when playing games. Despite my minor issues with gameboy emulation' this device is a keeper for sure! My new favorite handheld for an retro gaming like myself.


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