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GCW Zero Community Wiki rework and redesign efforts
« on: August 19, 2014, 03:17:46 pm »

As most of you know, the current GCW Zero community wiki is located at It suffers from a common problem: many pages aren't discoverable. I've been trying to establish a hierarchy of content of the wiki and I think a redesign of the landing page (the frontpage) is in order. This redesign should be based on a reworked hierarchy.

Recent additions to the hierarchy (which reflect the current categories in the GCW Zero software repository):
Code: [Select]
├── ░ GCW Zero Software
 │   ├─ ░ Applications
 │   ├─ ░ Native Games
 │   ├─ ░ Emulators
 │   ├─ ░ Emulated Software (includes applications and games run by emulators)
 │   ├─ ░ Firmware

Each ░ represents a category, while ▒ represent the pages themselves.  Subsections (headers/paragraphs in a document) are shown as ▓. This recent addition makes the existing "System Apps" category useless.

System Apps category:
Code: [Select]
├── ░ System Apps ← Anonymous panda suggests just “System”
 │   ├─ ▒ OpenDingux
 │   ├─ ▒ Gmenu2x*
 │   │  ├─ ▓ Using Gmenu2x
 │   │  ├─ ▓ Gmenu2x ROM browser
 │   │  └─ ▓ Gmenu2x Skins
 │   └─ ▒ Power Daemon*
 │      ├─ ▓ Volume
 │      ├─ ▓ Brightness
 │      └─ ▓ Other power button combos
 ├── ░ PC Software

Duplicated entries are marked with a "*", and are linked from more than one page or part of one or more category.

Pages that are difficult to discover are application specific pages like the PocketSNES manual and the zerox86 compatibility page. A distinction between software specific or hardware specific tutorials would also be appreciated.

If you feel motivated to start a redesign of the landing page I'd appreciate it if you could show some mockups or examples of what your vision would be like.

Before editing pages, please review these Guidelines.


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