Author Topic: A reminder: Dingoonity is not a place to get GCW Zero order support  (Read 13736 times)

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It's really quite annoying when people come to Dingoonity to complain about the mess that is the GCW Zero order process.

Let me re-iterate what I, and the other volunteer moderators on Dingoonity have stated before:

Dingoonity is in no way affiliated with GCW LLC or Justin Barwick.

Dingoonity staff only act in the interest of keeping the Dingoonity boards in line with the rules that I have explicitly referred to on numerous occasions.

If any moderators on Dingoonity close your threads, or ban a member, it is not because they've been asked to by Justin Barwick, or because they have an allegiance to GCW LLC, it's because the thread/member does not abide by the rules of the Dingoonity community.

If you have an issue with your GCW Zero, contact Justin Barwick directly via the following email address: [email protected]

Nobody but Justin Barwick will be able to answer any questions about outstanding orders.


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