Author Topic: Port Request Blake Stone, Dune II, Jazz Jackrabbit, Katawa Shoujo, TTD, Tyrian  (Read 2405 times)

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Hello Dingoonity Forum,

I'm still waiting for my beloved GCW-Zero SE from Justin and want to add this topic with some PORTING wishes I had in my mind:

Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold

Image Source:

Blake Stone: Planet Strike

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After nearly 20 years, Apogee Software has unearthed the source code (or what?s left of it) for their classic FPS, Blake Stone: Planet Strike. This code (long thought lost) is being made available freely to the public as of today.

Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty

Image Source:

Jazz Jackrabbit

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Katawa Shoujo

Image Source:

Open Transport Tycoon (OpenTTD)

Image Source:

Tyrian 2000

Image Source:

Please REPLY if this is possible or already in the making. Would be great if some of these were possible to port.

Best regards


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opentyrian is already ported.


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Blake Stone - Don't know.

Dune II - IIRC "Dune: the Battle For Arrakis" for Megadrive is a port of this, so you could play it on Picodrive.

Jazz Jackrabbit - OpenJazz is available for Dingux, may take some tweaking before it runs on the Zero. In the meantime, perhaps you could get the original working in DOSbox or 0x386.

Katawa Shoujo - Although it's open source, I don't know how well the text and graphics would scale to fit the Zero's screen.

TTD - Don't know.

Tyrian - OpenTyrian
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Just tried 'em out, and both the Blake Stones are playable via DOSbox.


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There's no point porting OpenJazz, This reimplementation of Jazz Jackrabbit engine is incomplete and not very playable in the current state.
Jazz Jackrabbit plays fullspeed on 0x86 emulator so I'd recommend trying that instead.


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