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GOG Games on the GCW Zero
« on: June 07, 2014, 07:57:39 pm »

I was hoping someone could help me with a couple of questions.  I read on the wiki that most GOG games using dosbox will run on the GCW.  I tried the incredible machine which worked ok.  Then I got excited and tried HOMM2 however it did not recognize any control input.  Is there any way to fix this or are GOG games hit or miss?

My other question is regarding the first commander keen.  Where can I buy it so i can play it on my GCW?  Thanks in advance for your help

Update: Games I have tried

HOMM2 - does not recognize any controller input
Incredible Machine - The play screen does not scale to the GCW screen size (though the start menu does)
Syndicate - Dpad or thumb stick is not registered as mouse input
Theme Hospital - does not recognize any controller input
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