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Author Topic: [REminiscence port beta] (was:Some question about open-source publication...)  (Read 2221 times)

elwing (OP)

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I made a port of an existing GPL v3 game to the GCW. since it's my first work ever with opensource project I have a few question concerning whatI should do next...

So far the game seems to be running well on my console but I'd like to make sure everything is well and polish some details (it's also my first use of SDL too... luckily it's more or less a basic recompile)

  • As it's GPL v3 I need to publish the source, but can I publish a beta version first without publishing the source when they're still a little bit messy?
  • I have some trouble to find a valid adress and it seems there's no git of the original game to fork, do I have something I MUST do with the original (except of course the well needed creidts for the original (and in this case most of the) work?
  • Assuming I have not a single acount on any of the public repository what is the more convenint/easy to use one?
  • Is there anythin else I need to know?

Many thanks for any help...
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Re: Some question about open-source publication...
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2013, 09:02:44 pm »

Using GPL, you have to share your source code (or give it on demand, but the former is preferable) as soon as you release a public build. If your beta is public, you should release the source code. If you want to tidy the code before a proper release, make a private beta for testers.
You don't have anything specific to do related to the original work; it's always nice to contact the authors and show them your port, and to credit them of course.
About repositories, you could use Google Code, Github, Sourceforge... I'd say the best of them is Github, but that's mostly a personal preference.

elwing (OP)

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Re: Some question about open-source publication...
« Reply #2 on: September 05, 2013, 11:34:11 am »
Many thanks, I'll got with Github...

My project is a simple port (more likely just a simple recompile...) of REminiscence:

wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flashback_(1992_video_game)

Here is a first Beta version, you're all welcome to try and comment raise issue... also concerning GPL potential issue and such...

here is the repository:

and here is a direct link on the opk:

of course since it's just an engine you need the original game data, compatibility should be the same as the original REminiscence through I've only tested with the PC data at the moment... it's still an early beta...
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Works brilliantly thank you.

elwing (OP)

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It's nice to see that someone else use it...
I've published a new version with a GCW0 specific key mapping and a new info screen giving the specific key mapping. the info screen is curently only in french, since it was existing in french and english in the original version I'll add the english one for the next release.

feel free to report any problem or possible improvement either here or as an issue in my github..

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elwing (OP)

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ok, now published a new version with instruction for all supported language. I also tested with the PC CD version and the "new" cinematics seems to work just fine albeit maybe a bit too slow (vector graphics looks so much better anyway...) I'll place a message in the release thread, it seems fine for a more wide beta...


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