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Author Topic: About make flash image with imager~ after flash images The machine can't boot..  (Read 1269 times)

fanicy (OP)

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I use this tool to make flash image:

it's say this in README file :
create_mbr.sh:   input:no  ----> output:mbr.bin

create_system_image.sh: input:vmlinuz.bin  ----> output:system.bin

create_data_image.sh:rootfs.squashfs and OPK file ---->output:system.bin

BUT I found actually input and out put file are like this:

create_mbr.sh:   input:no  ----> output:mbr.bin

create_system_image.sh: input:vmlinuz.bin  ----> output:system.bin
it's NOT NOLY NEED vmlinuz.bin,
it's ALSO NEED THESE file:

vmlinuz.bak------------a copy of vmlinuz.bin,build from https://github.com/gcwnow/linux
mininit-syspart--------------------build from https://github.com/OpenDingux/mininit
rootfs.squashfs -------------------build from https://github.com/gcwnow/buildroot
modules.squashfs-----------------build from https://github.com/gcwnow/linux
modules.squashfs.bak-------------a copy of modules.squashfs

create_data_image.sh:ONLY OPK file ---->output:data.bin
even there are no rootfs.squashfs and directory /apps  is empty ,it's also make a data.bin

SO I created flash image size like these:
data.bin --------8.4MB (no opk in app directory)

The officeal image size like these:



I try to flash firmware with my images,it's can't boot. always reboot on start logo screen.
I try to update roots with rename it update_r.bin,and put it on /media/data/
it's ONLY work on the firmware above the 2013-10-04,t
his way not work on firmware after 2014-05-05......

Then I try make a opk update with this tool:https://github.com/gcwnow/updater

inputfile :
rootfs.squashfs         (i build with branch 2014-08.20)
vmlinuz.bin               (i build with branch jz-4.1)
modules.squashfs      (i build with branch jz-4.1)
ubiboot-v11_ddr2_256mb.bin  (only one master branch)
ubiboot-v20_ddr2_512mb.bin  (only one master branch)
mininit-syspart          build from https://github.com/OpenDingux/mininit

then make a gcc-update-2015-06-29.opk
If I use this opk on firmware above /on 2013-10-04 ,The machine can boot normally.
 It's will update the roofs to 2015-06-29,But The kernel NOT update,it's also linux 3.11,

if I use this opk on firmware after / on 2014-05-05,
The machine CAN NOT BOOT!

I Don't know why ,

if I want use the kernel 4.1 and roofs 2014-08-20 ,and make a OPK update file .how can I do ?
IS THERE SOMETHING ABOUT the uniboot / mbr / or other ???

Thank you very much~~~


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The README is a bit outdated.
The system.bin partition should contain mininit-syspart, vmlinuz.bin + backup, rootfs.squashfs, modules.squashfs + backup.
The data.bin only contains the partition resize script and optionally some OPKs.

What command line do you use to flash the Zero?


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