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Author Topic: A suggestion to Ohboy & FBA developpers to simplify the life of GCW users  (Read 1600 times)

Qubits (OP)

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Not a big deal but... i've noticed that for the consoles emulators who got a menu, there was different combinations to access it :

ReGBA : Select + Start
Ohboy : Hold Up
FBA : Start + L + R
Genesis plus : Select + Start
PocketSNES : Select + Start

So i was thinking, since most of them are using the " Select + Start " combination, wouldnt it be more simple for Ohboy & FBA to use it too instead of using their own personnal combination ? using " Select + Start " as the standart combination to access menus would simplify the life of GCW users.


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We've had this discussion before, the power button was introduced in most emulators as the common menu button, but most kept the original combo too.
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Ohboy already has an option in the menu:
Go to Menu > Input Settings > Alt Menu Combo > Select+Start

Keep in mind that using Select+Start may trigger unwanted actions in whatever game you're playing when you call the menu. For that reason, the power button was chosen as the standard menu button.


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