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Gmenu2x Skin Request Thread
« on: February 11, 2010, 04:03:18 pm »
As the  Gp2x menu is so awesome, I thought I'd install a new skin. I went to,0,0,0,61 to download one, and fell in love with this LCARS skin:,0,0,0,61,2496 (I'm a trek fan...)

Unfortunately, as the creator admits, he got bored halfway through and it's half-assed, so I was hoping that someone out there with more skill than I could finish it off for us trekkies..??

I'm gonna try to do it myself, but I'm guessing one of you can do a much better job than me!  :D

Also, I'd also like to invite members to add what skins they'd like to see, maybe we can get some of em done?  ::)

Edit: I was a bit bored so I made this Star Trek skin:
I found the icons through a google search so I can't take credit for em, but there's quite a few to choose from!  ;D

Second Edit: For some reason, if you change the bar colours in the Star Trek theme, there's a strange glitch which stops the Dingoo booting up, and you have to delete the skin.conf file to fix it. So don't change it...  :D

Anyone know how to fix this?  ???
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Re: Gmenu2x Skin Request Thread
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2010, 11:38:43 am »
Now that I'm getting my new A320 I'm going to get back into skinning and, if I can muster enough energy, will try and re-visit my LCARS skin.  Bored didn't even begin to cover how I felt about this one!  There isn't a lot of variety in the icons if sticking with the standard LCARS interface look but there is room for improvement.  BTW, thanks for even checking out my skin!
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