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[GMenu2X] Material Rainbow theme with 6 flavors [FINISHED]
« on: March 22, 2020, 09:30:08 am »

Hi, there!

This is my first theme. I made it because I wanted an experience similar to the official Dingoo interface, something with a more sober or "premium" look and feel. So I combined some features already available in the default GMenu2X theme with the Material Design icons and the Droid Sans font to create this skin with 6 color variations.

Hope you like it. ^_^

Preview 1: "settings" and "applications" screens
Preview 2: "explorer" screen


To install this themes on your GMenu2X just copy the "skins" folder to your external SD card, then use DinguxCmdr to move it into the follow directory:


Confirm the operation to merge both contents. Done!


Material Rainbow includes more than 100 custom icons for each flavor. However, for some reason, some applications like PerformanceFix and HardwareTest do not recognize them immediately. To solve it, you need to clear the icon definitions for each of these applications from the context menu (accessible by pushing the "select" button), then reset your console. Other applications like ScriptRunner and RG350Test simply do not recognize their designated icons. This is probably a bug in the applications themselves that needs to be fixed by their developers via programming.

Note: This themes collection was tested on an Anbernic RG350 running the version of the unofficial "Rogue" edition firmware.

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