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VirtualBOX VM for Dingux/SDL developers
« on: July 06, 2011, 02:48:14 pm »
Hi, Dingoonity!
I'm not sure I should place it to "Releases", but anyway. I've made a basic VirtualBOX VM with XUbuntu, Code::Blocks and MIPS gcc toolchain, targeted to start development "immediately".
Just import SDLDingux.ova inside your Virtualbox and run.

Readme included (as usual) citation here:
Code: [Select]
This is a Virtual Box virtual machine with preloaded latest XUbuntu,
Code::Blocks and mipsel gcc toolchain.
This set allows you start coding for Dingux immediately.
On desktop you will find and illustrated guide for setting your project to
compile in C::B for Dingux (unfortunately Russian-only, but images are pretty
Also example project in /home/user/_Projects is included.

VirtualBox (build on 4.0.8)
Computer, capable to run 512 MB VM with 12 MB video ram
4Gb freespace on HDD
Login: user
Password: user
(Dingux presets friendly :-)
Happy coding!
P.S. If you feel, that something is missing, you can always
sudo apt-get install <missing library,package,etc>
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