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     This is my second python port for dingux. I have ported few nice (Vertical Shooters and Mario) type python games for dingux.  But dingoo cannot handle them so, I am porting simple games for dingux.  Enjoy... ;) ;) ;)

Tuxletics is a sports game featuring penguins that are competing in the yearly Polar Games, roughly an Antarctic equivalent of the
Olympics.Every contestant is, naturally, hoping to achieve the grand prize of the Games: a year's supply of the tastiest herring available.

Dingux Requirement:

                            Please install python and pygame in your dingoo to play this game.
                            Use SiENcE's python port for dingux.

Python & pygame Download:



                            Download and extract the file. Copy and paste the tuxletics
                            extracted folder under /usr/local/games folder.  On gmenu2x, create a
                            shortcut of file.  Finally, run the shortcut of  Enjoy

Menu Control:
Enter Name             D-pad Up, Down, Left and Right (Only fixed 4 names for now).
Start                          Start the game

Game Control:

Run                             Press Dpad L and Dpad R rapidly.
X                                  Throw Ice Ball
Exit/Main Menu         Use Select button