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friends I need to know how I can change the tv-out PAL to NTSC, I do not understand what you explained in the wiki if, in advance thank you very much, and pardon my English but I am a user of opendingux from chile.

write to local/etc/tvout.conf (this is just txt file) word pal or ntsc

maybe disable sound and backlight feature in gmenu2x (because they don't work anymore) and display in dock of gmenu2x (in bottom of the screen) global volume and backlight

bug report...
1.LCDbacklight setting is no use..when you set it ,it did nothing..only can set with power+ up or down..but when you reboot dingoo..that is no use too..
2.cant use 'Y' to read readme.txt file...

I just wanted to write to say that the speed of my dingux-msx-pixamod was noticeabily faster with this second release when I've seen Ayla's post with the results of his tests :) This is certainly sweet!!! :) Great work!!

By the way I'm having some issues with audio. I'm using SDL audio and sometimes I hear some 'clicks' and noise while the very same executable file sounds fine in legacy Dingux. I still have to do some testing (right now I was focusing on making it work and fixing some stuff to make a new release soon) but it might happen when several msx's audio channels are played at the same time, maybe with a high volume (I know this doesn't help too much...). Maybe it's some clipping? Maybe some samplerate conversion not working properly?
I'll post more info (and more useful I hope) when I can do some tests.


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