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Author Topic: Retro Game Handler a manager for consoles like RG350 New Version 1.0.0 released  (Read 3686 times)

nikryden (OP)

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Retro game handler v1.0.0

Easy to use manager for Retro handheld consoles that uses Dingoo Linux like RG350 on Windows. Have built in FTP and image scraper.

I have done this project firstly for my own needs, but if there is any interest i will keep develop it. It Open source under GPL-3.0 License

You use it at your own risk.


Project page https://github.com/nikryden/Retrogame-Handler
WiKi https://github.com/nikryden/Retrogame-Handler/wiki


Scrap images to media folder useful for SimpleMenu (You have to sign up to my scrap server to use this feature, It's totally free. I have limit it to 5000 requests/hour at this time, if you temporary need more just PM me after you sign up.)

Connect to console thru USB or WiFi

Manage files. Rename, upload or download files and folders.

Edit text files on the console and save back


Edit text files


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