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Re: OpenDingux: first end-user release
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openbor has no sound but works and zdoom works but no sound am i doing something wrong or is there a sound issue here picodrive works fine with sound.

Ok what about openbor

Zdoom has no sound, even in legacy dingux.

Here's OpenBOR compiled for OpenDingux:
I think it is much faster now ;)

Thank you guys for the tips!

More info here:

Shin-NiL, thanks for this awesome port of OpenBor, I played a lot of great games in it!

This post is to say that new versions of OpenBor for OpenDingux are available at the oficial site in SourceFourge:

Now the current version is v3.0 Build 3742.

So, one more time, thanks Shin-NiL for this port, and thanks, thanks, thanks for making it part of the official project! ;)

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