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Re: Final Burn Alpha for OpenDingux v1.0 (release)
« Reply #80 on: June 02, 2013, 03:04:13 am »
I like this version but frame skip function be disabled, can you enable it, it is useful some game e.g super side kich , Lasblade 2,.., frame skip be ạdjust 30 for best.

Hi, everybody.

Here's the version 1.0 of Final Burn Alpha for OpenDingux.

FBA-Capex is a frontend for FBA and is based on Capex 0.6 by Jycet

D-Pad - navigate (left/right alter settings)
A - Start game (first game config appears)
B - Go to previous menus
X - Help
SELECT - Exit or go back to previous menu
START - Capex settings

Final Burn Alpha SDL is based on pandora port which is based on gp2x port which in turn is based on EZX port which uses fba emulating core. :)

EDIT: Now a simple GUI is introduced where you can redefine keys and load/save state

D-PAD - movement (its logic changes automatically in rotated games)
SELECT - coin
START - start1
A - fire 1
B - fire 2
X - fire 3
Y - fire 4
L - fire 5
R - fire 6

L+R+Y - show/hide fps
L+R+A - quick state load
L+R+B - quicl state save
L+R+SELECT - service menu
L+R+START - FBA SDL menu (you can quit FBA only from menu)

- All roms must be named according to mame romset, put them in ./roms directory.
- FBA cached roms are also supported but sound is distorted in some games, use normal rom instead
- It is highly recommended to use SWAP for loading large roms (128Mb seems ok)
- Overclock to 408 MHz is recommended as well
- Compatibility is the same as with FBA320
- In some games music stops playing after some time, it's a bug of cz80, switch to mame_z80 in settings (slower)

A lot of things is in TODO list, so expect future updates.

New binaries:
Old binaries:

EDIT: Update 27 Feb 2013

What's new in FBA-Capex:
- Menus are greatly reworked. Now when you choose a game from list and press A the game config appears where you can change some game-specific settings.
- Settings for each game are saved implicitly, no need to worry about global/local

What's new in FBASDL:
- Savestate support (hotkeys: L+R+A - quickload, L+R+B - quicksave)
- Simple GUI (L+R+START) and key remapping
- Service menu (L+R+SELECT)
- Many bugs fixed
- Enabled some more games like or (refer to gamelist.txt for full game list support)

Knows bugs:
- Savestates are not working for cached *.fba roms
- Sometimes FBASDL crashes on exit and doesn't return to FBA-Capex properly.


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Re: Final Burn Alpha for OpenDingux v1.0 (release)
« Reply #81 on: August 26, 2014, 07:59:49 pm »
Hi, it's possible to disable quick load? I wrote that post before find this sorry :(

If is not possible could you implement the ability to disable or reconfigure the shortcut?

Thank you very much, FBA is amazing!