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« on: October 17, 2009, 03:09:57 am »
Yoannd26 from the website posted his port called DaveGnukem!
Here is my port of DaveGnukem for Dingux a platform game in 2D with the character and title were inspired by the famous Duke Nukem as we all know.

Portage Game DaveGnukem for Dingux.
Yoannd26 from GX-MOD

The game is 320x200.

DPAD Up = Action
DPAD Right = Right
PAD Left = Left
START = Enter
B = Jump
SELECT = Pause

You must set the parameters in (I recommend the right trigger)
You can also change the rest of the controls in the "Redefine Keys.
The selection of missions and the backups did not work this time.
If you find any bugs, thank you let me know.Thanks Yoannd26!

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Re: DaveGnukem
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Oh amazing, I rememeber playing the old Duke Nukem games on my first PC!


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