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[RELEASE] BubsyMOD-dingux (r20100526)
« on: May 26, 2010, 01:53:11 am »
The small ProTracker player written in SDL.

After working days on this, I feel it's time to release a test version for you guys.
You might ask yourself- Why code this when he have GMU which already plays ProTracker modules?
- Well, I do this for fun, and my player is even more ProTracker accurate (and supports the EF0-EFF effect). Also, it has got a cool pattern viewer!
I know there are some bugs and small stupid things, but I'll fix them in a later revision. :)

If some modules skips, overclock to 430Mhz! (Like in the start of face_another_day.mod)
Or press X! X stops all drawing, thus saves a lot of cycles in my slow code.
Why this happens? Well, my textout routine is very slow.

NOTE: To load a module, you must pass the executable file an argument.
With Gmenu2x edit your bubsymod shortcut, then turn "Selector Browser" ON, then make "Selector Directory" point to a directory with your MODs. For instance; /boot/local/app/BubsyMOD-dingux/MODs/
Every time you run the bubsymod shortcut, you get lead to the directory where you can choose what module to play.

Download: (super ugly source code included)

  SELECT - Quit BubsyMOD-dingux
  Up     - Volume up
  Down   - Volume down
  A      - Pattern viewer
  Y      - Visual effect
  X      - Sleep mode (Saves CPU time by stopping all drawings)
  L      - Seek one position backward
  R      - Seek one position forward

    8bitbubsy -- main coding
    mukunda   -- morals and help with audio mixer and the protracker sequencer

  Supplied tunes:
    * back_again.mod         - 4-mat
    * emax-doz.mod           - emax
    * emax-fli.mod           - emax
    * face_another_day.mod   - Jogeir Liljedahl
    * face_another_day_2.mod - Jogeir Liljedahl
    * guitar_slinger.mod     - Jogeir Liljedahl
    * her10.mod              - Estrayk
    * her2.mod               - Estrayk
    * her4.mod               - Estrayk
    * rave_decease.mod       - Liquid
    * sundance.mod           - Purple Motion

- bubsy

Dedicated to xdpirate the mongol!
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Re: [RELEASE] BubsyMOD-dingux (r20100526)
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2010, 10:03:06 am »
Very cool first post, more chiptune glory!  :D


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Re: [RELEASE] BubsyMOD-dingux (r20100526)
« Reply #2 on: May 27, 2010, 05:47:40 pm »
Dedicated to xdpirate the mongol!
no u.

Also, this shit is of the hook. Awesome mod-player is awesome. Some mods' samples get distorted by oldplay, but not on this. ;)


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Re: [RELEASE] BubsyMOD-dingux (r20100526)
« Reply #3 on: June 12, 2010, 03:36:35 am »
BubsyMOD-dingux Update

 - MUCH faster textout routine (ascii-sorted bitmap now, no need to iterate through an ascii table)
 - No surface locking/unlocking (not needed in Dingux SDL, saved A LOT of cycles! Yes it really did, test yourself.)
 - Faster "Amiga period to hertz increase" calculation
 - Proper "change volume" routine
 - Other optimizations and small fixes

Now you can play modules with no skips even when underclocking to 200MHz... :-)
Well, there's a little skip in face_another_day.mod in 200MHz, but that's because it use an extremely slow tempo some places.

Download: (yes, the timestamp is outdated, but I won't change it)

The font routine is now included in Hivelux too.
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