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Title: Trying to load emulators on but with no success.
Post by: D179 on March 29, 2012, 02:49:24 pm
Hello all. I bought my dingoo a couple of years back and managed to get the dual boot working. I have managed to get some of the emulators to work (snes, nes) but cannot get any joy from most the others. I originally opted to buy the dingoo for the amstrad, mame, and snes emulators but other than snes9x the others won't load. Caprice goes onto a black boot screen with last line stating caprice32 not found (have tryed loading updated caprice32 but exact same result), pituka goes onto the file manager screen but any try to load a disk file force closes and mame, well I really don't know what I'm doing lol. I'm reasonably tech savvy but have had no joy finding a way to resolve these.

I retired my dingoo over a year ago as I was going round in circles so have forgotten a lot i learnt when originally loading dingux on and It is going to be running software from 2009/10 most likely. I'm fully up for reloading emulators and or firmware but need help and instruction as have got nowhere so far and am more likely to make more of a mess so any help would really be appreciated.