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Author Topic: PSFreedom and Dingoo  (Read 1391 times)


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PSFreedom and Dingoo
« on: October 03, 2010, 05:52:37 pm »
I have my Dingoo dual booting just fine and I can load Toddler's file set.
I'm trying to run PSFreedom but the instructions are worthless.
I have followed them to a T but I can't get PSFreedom to work.
I'm not exactly a noob as I have PS freedom already working on my Droid.
Here's the deal:

When I copy over: PSFreedom_zImage-9331 and rename it to "zImage" the device no longer boots properly.
I get a myriad of errors.

There is a "Kernel Patch" folder which logically I would run if the device booted but perhaps that is wrong and I need to do something with ahead of time. I've searched and google'd but there is not a complete set of instructions. Can anyone help a Brother out? Thanks.


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