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Power on problem without USB cable
« on: May 19, 2010, 03:51:07 pm »

I recently installed Dingux dualboot loader and at the same time I started to have problems with powering on the device with power button...

Every now and then when I try to start my dingoo by pressing power button nothing happens, my Dingoo stays completely dead. When I connect USB cable and keep it connected until Dingux logo dissappears everything is ok again. If I disconnect the cable before logo dissappears the Dingoo powers off.

The most weird thing is that I think this happens more often when the battery is fully charged. When battery is half empty the dingoo usually starts without problems also from power button.

Ideas anyone? I would not like to deinstall the dualboot as I really like Dingux, but I would like to be sure that the device starts when I'm not next to a computer!