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PC ports on Dingux
« on: December 16, 2009, 01:33:57 pm »
Hello.  New to the community, though I've had the Dingoo since September.  I just have a question about the PC ports..mainly how do you get them to work.

I heard you need the full version of the pc game to get it going.  The game I have is Rise of the Triad.  But I can't find a way to get it working on Dingux.  Is there some kind of instructions/faq out there that can help me out?


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Re: PC ports on Dingux
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2009, 03:50:37 pm »
Yeah, Rise of the Triad is different in that way: I'm assuming you have the retail Rise of the Triad (aka Dark War), and you installed the Dingux local pack.

If I remember correctly, the Dingux local pack only offers a shortcut to the rottsw executable, which requires the HUNTBGIN.* from the shareware version of Rise of the Triad.

Since you need to copy your retail ROTT files (primarily named DARKWAR.*), you'll need to start the port with the retail exe (rott, not rottsw). The local pack's default Dmenu.cfg lacks this I think, so you'll have to edit it manually.

As for the other (Doom-engine based) PC ports, they should run just fine when you copy the respected game's WAD file in the directory.

To be clear: of course by 'copying', I really mean putting those files in the /local/ports/<rott> directory. And by directory I really do mean a folder. Finally, edit 'it manually' refers to the DMenu cfg file you're running, which is typically located in a theme directory in /local/dmenu/themes. ;)
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