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Author Topic: OpenDingux Color Table  (Read 3385 times)

piotr.pot (OP)

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OpenDingux Color Table
« on: August 16, 2013, 05:06:30 pm »
Anyone know how to edit color table in OP? In last version changelog we could read:

configurable color table for ILI9338 (can compensate for too blue screen)
source: http://www.treewalker.org/opendingux/

But how to do this? I'd like to compensate blue color. Looked into all root.fs/etc configs but can't find anything. Please help.

OK, I managed to do it. The solution for me was adding:

Code: [Select]
echo 100,100,X > /sys/devices/platform/jz4740-fb/rgb
echo 1 > /sys/devices/platform/jz4740-fb/graphics/fb0/blank
echo 0 > /sys/devices/platform/jz4740-fb/graphics/fb0/blank
cd /usr/bin/

to /usr/local/etc/frontend_start.

Where X is % of blue color. 75 is best for my LCD. Feel free to try on your own.
Please close topic.
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