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Greetings, Dingoo peoples.  

Apologies to the moderators if this topic is in the wrong place or has already been covered.  I haven't been able to find it if it has.  

I'm planning to install Dingux to my Dingoo very soon, though I have a concern.  I've read "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Installing Dingux", and my concern arises in regards to the LCD controllers:

"Look around and you should see "ILI9325" or "ILI9331" somewhere. If you do not see it, you might have an unknown LCD model and should contact Booboo at: . Write down which lcd controller your Dingoo has, "ILI9325" or "ILI9331."

My Dingoo's controller is listed exactly as "LCM_FAIR_ILI9331_3".

Questions (That may be stupid):  

    • Is "ILI9331" mentioned in the Idiot's Guide exactly same as "LCM_FAIR_ILI9331_3"?  Or is LCM_FAIR_ILI9331_3 in fact a different controller?  

      Has any users with LCM_FAIR_ILI9331_3 Dingoo's successfully installed Dingux without any problems?  

Thank you in advance for your time, and once again my apologies if this thread is misplaced or irrelevant.  

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Re: LCM_FAIR_ILI9331_3
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I am sure the question already emerged in the past, when we still based on the a320.freeforums... anyway it is useful duplicating here the answer: ILI9331 and ILI9331_3 are actually the same thing.


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Re: LCM_FAIR_ILI9331_3
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Message me if this was wrong.


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