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Title: How to create Fliplists in Sdlvice for multi-disc games
Post by: rip on October 19, 2010, 11:44:59 pm
For every disk image you want to add to the flip list,
1-Select an image in "Drive/Attach disk image to drive 8" in SDLVICE menu.
2-In "Drive/Fliplist settings" select "Add current image to fliplist".

After adding the last disk image to the flip list, optionally save the list by select "Drive/Fliplist settings/Save fliplist", and map the "Drive/Fliplist settings/Attach next image in fliplist" and "Drive/Fliplist settings/Attach previous image in fliplist" options to (ex. L and R buttons) pressing Start button in your Dingoo.

After that, load the game normally, with Autostart image.
To use the fliplist, press L or R to mount the next or previous disk image in the flip list.