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Title: GameGadget SETUP and OpenDingux Tutorial?
Post by: Radioboy86 on June 12, 2014, 03:26:18 pm
I have tried to for days now... I see videos of people playing wolfenstien 3d, various emulators, a nice opendingux desktop that works flawlessly... I CANNOT find any help on setup for this thing. I just want OPENDINGUX to work and not have issues. Do I need a LCD controller driver for GG? Whenever I play emus or games the screen flickers and seems to not be correct. The screen flashes and menus are all garbled with a strange glitchy mirror effect.

Is there a place that can guide me on how to properly install NEW emus and PROGRAMS to my gamegadget? I rather use OpenDingux NOT the GG Operating System. GG OS wont read DGE files and limits my programs.

I have downloaded the OpenLinux file and renamed to ROOTFS.BIN, I have copied the vmlinuz.bin, I have gotten the SANDBOX and OpenDingux Desktop to load... I just cannot seem to run emus correctly. Do I need more drivers installed? PicoDrive runs but its all messed up It doubles the menu and runs at top part of resolution with incorrect color palette. I tried to run Wolfenstein 3d, and DukeNukem 3D... Just crashed to black screen and OD desktop.

Any help peoples? I would be grateful!