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Anyone with black screen issue try this solution:

i get this error using the newest ubuntu
[INFO] Searching for device...
[ERR]  Unable to claim interface (-1, could not claim interface 0: Operation not permitted)

could i not be in usb mode?

**edit** i had to type sudo infront of the cmd each time. i figured it out

Hi, I'm new to both Dingoo, the Dingoo community and Dingoonity, but here goes.

If you still don't get the flasher screen on your Dingoo (after executing the second line in the command shell) you might want to consider the fact that you might have to use both B+Reset and B+On/Off for it to work. I installed the Dual Boot Loader onto an A320-unit yesterday (ILI9331_3) and as it was my first Dingoo I followed the steps in the Idiot's Guide. After a few hours of fail I found a method that worked, I followed the guide EXACTLY until Step 2 under "Flash firmware". Instead of the instructions in Step 2 I reconnected the Dingoo to the PC before entering USB Boot Mode and I had to do that by using B+On/Off instead of B+Reset (although I had to use B+Reset earlier throughout the same guide, redid it all with only B+On/Off later on and then it didn't work).

Also, I did it from a PC running Windows 7 and did not remove/uninstall the original China Chip Drivers prior to installing the new ones from the Dual Boot folder. I'm not into flashing or hacking so I don't know if this could cause any future problems but I managed to install both the Dual Boot Loader, Dingux and GMENU2X so hopefully it should not corrupt later on because of that.


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