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Completly lost with my A330
« on: October 15, 2015, 07:26:47 pm »

I recently bought an used dingoo a330 (dingoo technology), and I have to say that I'm completly lost.

In the past I bought (and still have working) a gamepark GP2X, but this A330 seems a lot more difficult to tweak.

I'd like to install the "stephanie" a330 firmware, I prepared the SD card as explained in the instructions file, and I switched the dingoo in usb mode using reset +B, but when launching the installation tool (console mode in ubuntu 14.04lts), it says :

                       │ Unable to boot USB device.   │ 
                       │ Please try again, or report  │ 
                       │ this failure

I don't know what to do. I tried on my desktop pc, and laptop (also with ubuntu 14.04). I'm even not sure that it's what I have to do, since I'm not sure to understand these questions of dualboot, screen reference or kernel stuff.

I also have a screen saying "DINGUX" when I boot my console, apparently it's normal for a stock factory A330, but I don't know, I didn't find any info on this, except a youtube video in spanish. In fact, I didn't find a lot of informations on A330, and often infos are saying opposite things (like someone saying that the wireless joypad is working under dingux, and another one saying the opposite, etc...).

Is there something to do with this A330, or should I just put it in a drawer and forget it ?

Is there something to do ?

thank you for your help.


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Re: Completly lost with my A330
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2015, 07:10:32 am »
Put OpenDingux on a miniSD card, put it inside your A330, press select to boot it. That's all.

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Re: Completly lost with my A330
« Reply #2 on: October 19, 2015, 12:37:49 pm »
thank you for your answer,

So I follow this tutorial, right ?



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