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Can't find main
« on: March 19, 2010, 04:19:32 am »
all of a sudden I have trouble booting into dingux. I get the error that it can't find usr/local/sbin/main only I have a main file in that directory that reads like this:
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export SDL_NOMOUSE=1
export HOME=/usr/local/home
# cd /usr/local/dmenu/scripts/volset
# ./readvol
# /usr/local/sbin/brightness.set
cd /usr/local/dmenu

it's driving me crazy, I've never had this problem before and I've tried everything I can think of: ran check disk twice, reformatted my card and copied everything over, I've tried changing it to load gmenu2x instead of dmenu, tried changing "usr" to "boot" (always using notepad++ to edit the file), nothing has worked. Been pulling my hair out all night Anyone encountered this problem before or have any ideas?? Thanks.


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