Author Topic: Yet another script to play background music in psx4all (PSX)  (Read 1844 times)

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Yet another script to play background music in psx4all (PSX)
« on: December 23, 2010, 12:37:05 am »
I've made a script using this post for "inspiration" (read: nicked most ideas). You can start and stop the backround music. The script uses an m3u playlist fron the music player GMU. You'll have to edit the script to meet your system setup and preferences.
Code: [Select]
# Shell script to play background music via mplayer on Dingux.
# Try it with psx4all. It slows psx4all down CONSIDERABLY! So it's of
# little use. Ha ha!
# This script NEEDS:
# - mplayer (duh!)
# - you to set the variables below called 'mplayer_path' and 'playlist'
# - a playlist in 'm3u' format. Use Dingux's gmu to create such a playlist
#   of mp3's that are ON 'yer Dingoo's sd card.
# Use (a shell script with) the command "killall mplayer" to stop the
# background music.


cd $mplayer_path
bla="./mplayer.dge -slave -input file=/tmp/fifofile -playlist
$playlist &"
$bla &
Stop the music w/:
Code: [Select]
killall mplayer.dge
After starting the background music start PSX4All. Dunno why the other scripts didn't work for me. By the way: use it in Gmenu2x and set Wrapper ON and Don't leave OFF for the launcher/link.
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