Author Topic: Venting my frustration... Anyone using dual boot, you can learn from my mistakes  (Read 2358 times)

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This is just me venting my frustration....  10 minutes ago I dropped my newly formatted and VERY newly built OD Gmenu2x SD card with everything installed just the way I like it down the side of the couch.  Now to most this is a simple case of taking the cushion off and picking the Micro SD up...  But could it be this is simple....  NNNOOOOO!!!!!...  My couch happens to have the cushions sown in to the actual frame and the card has slipped down into the frame wedged between two pieces of timber bracing.  Needles to say it's impossible to recover unless I cut in to the timber and even then I don't know exactly where it could be located within the frame. 

As much as I wanted to rip that couch apart my wife would have killed me so it was in my best interest not to and keep my testicles in tact.

The problem is because I had only just finished putting everything on the SD card, I had 0% of the data backed up so basically I need to go to Officeworks tomorrow, get another Micro SD and start all over again.  This is a problem I really should not be having, but none the less it has happened so my words of advice is this....

ALWAYS keep everything to go on your SD card backed up (no matter what stage you are at when creating your own personal Gmenu2X setup) and NEVER, NEVER EVER buy a couch  that you can't remove the seat cushions from!
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