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Thank you guys
« on: January 12, 2010, 04:45:16 am »
Just wanted to send a thank you to everyone working on the dingoo, dingux, the apps, the emulators, and the games!

I've had my Dingoo since Christmas, just got Dingux running last week. So far I'm very happy there is Dingux otherwise my Dingoo would be restricted to playing GBA, GBC, and NES roms. Thank you Snex9x and Picodrive, I can play just about any rom I intended to play when I bought this device. My only gripe is that Snes9x doesn't play Super Mario RPG or Starfox and that Super Mario Kart plays kinda slow (but still playable). I am no programmer, and I understand that these things are difficult and take time so really this is just my wish for the Dingoo.

(to the forum mods: if there is an introductions thread or another spot where this post would be happier to exist please move it there)


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