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Formatting SD-Card from Linux
« on: February 04, 2010, 05:16:10 am »
Hi everyone.

Probably most of you know that formatting the SD-card with the right block-size can dramatically reduce the chance of corruptions.
As I was getting pretty annoyed by that issue, I wanted to use that trick but found the setting doesn't directly translate to linux's mkfs.
After a little research, I found this command to do the trick:

WARNING: the following command will erase all content from the card

mkfs.vfat -s 128 -S 512 -n dingux /dev/sdX

where X depends on your system, try mount -l to find the right device
the -n dingux option is not needed, but makes the enty in your favorite filemanager sooo much more personal ;)

Didn't have a single corruption issue since I did that, though I had to hard-reboot quite often (while testing a lot of java-apps).


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