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Dmenu Enhancements
« on: December 20, 2009, 08:44:36 pm »
Hey All,

  So in Dmenu we currently have stock sounds (for menu actions), and in the next release will have a startup sequence for the menu.  What I am looking for is a quality set of sounds and a loading image that we can use in dmenu to make it better.  The requirements for the assets (sounds and loading image), are the following:

  1) The assets must be able to be included into the DMenu project legally (if copyrighted material, must have author's permission)
  2) Loading image is 320x240, and a loading bar will appear in the middle of the screen that is 314x36
  3) There are 5 sounds that we need to have:
     a) Menu - Used when changing horizontal menu items (menu categories)
     b) MenuItem - Used when navigating vertical menus
     c) Decide - When the user takes action
     d) Cancel - When the user cancels out an action
     e) Out - When the user attempts to take an action that is not available
     f) Global - Used when brightness/volume levels are changed
  4) Assets should be as small as possible to minimize memory usage

I plan to have the new assets out by the end of January, in the next release.   Whoever's assets we end up choosing, we will add their name to the credits for the project.  DMenu has grown a lot in the past few months and hopefully with the community's help we can make it better.  Thanks again.


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