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DA330 ---> GA330 by bobo
« on: November 08, 2010, 08:30:07 am »
Bobo news 8/11:2010

I'm not sure I understand as of know the relationship between ChinaChip, Dingoo, and Dingoo Technology. It appears that there are two Dingoo companies, one that produces 3D games and another that actually produces the A320. Both belong to ChinaChip group. Then there's Dingoo Technology, which have marketed the A330 which is basically an A320 (JZ4732/JZ4740 SoC) with a different case/LCD, 64MB RAM and stolen firmware. In order to avoid confusion with the later, at some point I decided to refer to it as A330 and to refer to the newer, CC1800 based machine as DA330. But I was mistaken since it is Gemei (another company of the ChinaChip group) who will be marketing it (my two sample machines have both the Gemei logo). So, I figured out I'd rather fix this silly mistake soon. So, from now on, I'll refer to the newer CC1800 based A330 as GA330.

Sorry for any caused confusion. I've edited previous blog entries to reflect this change.


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Re: DA330 ---> GA330 by bobo
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if he can't make head nor tail of it, what chance have we got  ;D


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