Author Topic: What are the chances for something like Exile, Exile 2, Exile 3 (DOS games)  (Read 2439 times)


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The 3rd game of the series install was like 3MB, the game was modest even in it's time and came with options for making
gameplay easier for the pc like disabling sound, disabling god knows what else. The only thing I'm wondering is even if it did work
how would you go about without the use of a keyboard lol? Unless there s avirtual keyboard available but even then wtf could you put something like that on the screen along with the game itself? Just some thoughts, also any REALLY LONG Rpgs from DOS or any system out there to be honest that could run on the Dingoo would be well appreciated as suggestions btw, I have no idea how much I have missed out on.


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Lets see if can answer some questions for you..
Most of the emulators like c64, Amiga etc have a built in virtual keyboard you can bring up with a specific button, Dosbox does not currently have one but im sure it will eventually. Still with Dosbox you can map buttons and button combos for key presses.
 In Dos box I have tried games like Ultima 6, Martian Dreams, Ultima Underworld 1 and 2, Mean Streets etc and all of those were playable with sound and the stock config.
If you like games like Secret of Monkey Island 1-3 , Day of the Tentacle and other SCUMM games your in luck, Using SCUMMVM they play perfectly and fast. It supports keyboard and mouse as well.

Hope that answered some questions..