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« on: September 20, 2010, 10:06:17 pm »
hello everyone,

i'm having a little situation with Reminiscence.

everything works perfectly, video sound music et cetera, but i can't seem to type in a password.
 when i'm in the game i can save and load, and when i push select to enter the menu i can use the right or left arrow to select a save slot ranging from 1 - 01 to 1 - 99
however, when i'm in level 2 i can save in slots 2-01 to 2-99.

when i quit the game however, i cant load level 2 because when trying to select a load game i can only choose the ones that are 1-01 through 1-99.

so i need to give in a password to load level 2, then i can use a save slot to load a specific savegame in that level.

but as i said, i'm not able to give the password since no letters appear. maybe a virtual keyboard or whatever can help me here

thanks for any help



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