Author Topic: Weird issue in Mame4All with The Simpsons Arcade Game  (Read 2101 times)

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Weird issue in Mame4All with The Simpsons Arcade Game
« on: October 19, 2009, 06:36:31 am »
I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue with The Simpsons game with the latest Mame4All release. 

The first time I ran the game, it was perfect.  The game ran at a great speed, with only occasional 'hiccups' during the video portions.  After playing it once, all subsequent attempts to play it results in an extremely slow and unplayable speed.

After a lot of messing around, I found that deleting the NVRAM file created when playing the game fixes the problem.  After deleting the file, the game plays at full speed.  But again, all subsequent attempts to play the game result in the same poor performance.

I just wanted to reach out to see if others have ran in to this problem and if perhaps there happens to be a workaround that doesn't involve deleting the file every time.  I already tried making the NVRAM folder read-only, but that didn't work.

Looking forward to hearing about other people's experiences.

BTW ... this is the only game I've had trouble with so far in Mame4All.  Even games like TMNT run perfect, every time.


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