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Title: psx4all trouble, tactics ogre:luct
Post by: leadwing85 on January 18, 2013, 10:53:20 pm
i saw a thread stating TO luct worked a-ok (as it was green and said specs ect). i would have inserted this in that thread but i was notified that the thread had not been active for 120days and to start a new topic, so here it is lol.

im not ashamed to say i pretty much DLed psx4all just for 3 games: FF7, BoF3 and TO luct.

i downloaded psx4all, then bios, then stuck tactics ogre in the ROMs folder ect. all is fine so far. i then start it up and it reads 45-60 fps. so im still good to go. However, as soon as it hits the 'now loading' screen, it semi-freezes. and by 'semi-freeze' i mean i can actually hit the home button and as the screen is fading away i see the game progress to the title screen, i can quickly reopen psx4all and it will then be a the title screen, but again, it freezes. i can continue to hit the home button and reopen it to slowly progress to the new game and to the enter player name and ect ect lol. im at a loss here as like i said the fps is well above 45.

any ideas or help would be greatly appretiated, thanks

EDIT: heres the thread i saw it being said that TO luct was working fine - http://boards.dingoonity.org/dingux-emulation/psx4all-compatibility-list/