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Author Topic: mame4all plus dingux, open dingux port?  (Read 4197 times)

lordblip (OP)

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mame4all plus dingux, open dingux port?
« on: June 25, 2012, 04:45:20 pm »
dear friends had been unable to thank before Dingoo forum br had someone working on a port of call mame mame plus but dingux, the good thing is that I release the src and left instructions for working the case, I hope someone can compile it to opendingux. I leave the post text in Portuguese and left the English translation. a hug and hard work remain friends so please excuse my English but I'm from chile jajajajjaja.

Sim, se alguem puder compilar aqui est? o source:
4shared.com /rar/HYKVFpc/Mame4All_Plus_Dingux_v12.html

Instru??es: Primeiro quando extrair vai ter duas pastas, Mame e Mame_release. primeiro entre na pasta Mame e altere o Makefile para funcionar no Linux com o toolchain do Open Dingux. Depois de um Make clean e um Make. Quando terminar, copie o arquivo "mame" gerado e substitua pelo que est? em "Mame_release". Quando for disponibilizar para download, deve mandar a pasta Mame_release toda. Para compilar a vers?o de neogeo ? simples, basta no Makefile colocar um # no inicio em "TARGET = mame" e tirar o # de "TARGET = neomame" e fazer o mesmo processo. Very Happy

translate on google

Yes, if someone can compile the source here:
4shared.com / rar/HYKVFpc/Mame4All_Plus_Dingux_v12.html

Instructions: First when you extract will have two folders, and Mame Mame_release. first among the Mame folder and change the Makefile to work with the toolchain on Linux Open Dingux. After a clean and Make Make. When finished, copy the file "mama" and replace generated by what is "Mame_release." When it is available for download, should send the whole folder Mame_release. To compile the NeoGeo version is simple, just put a # in the Makefile in the beginning "TARGET = mame" and take the # of "TARGET = neomame" and do the same process. Very Happy

the original thread in potuguese: http://dingoobr.forumeiros.com/t2700-criando-mame4all-plus


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Re: mame4all plus dingux, open dingux port?
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2012, 04:11:23 am »
I have tested this and it does not work. Then again that is what Zear has been saying all along. I dont think this is a new port. Especially since the readme included is from Dingux mame from 2009.


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