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« on: October 28, 2009, 10:32:33 pm »

Hatari is one of my favorite emulators and the port by Mr Logan sees a lot of use. There are some speed issues with a few of the games, IK+ being one of them. Is there anyway to speed up Hatari (i have tried the internal settings) or does the port need more work to see a speed increase.

I wish i knew a lot more about porting emulators, but seeing as i don't i thought i ask you lot!  :)



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Re: Hatari
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I use Hatari mostly for demos and it works great for most of them. However, when the drive kicks in, emulation slows down a lot.
But when the drive is not active, even kick-ass 3d demos run fullspeed with sound at 44khz (@ 430mhz)! It would be awesome if the diskloading could be improved, dunno if that?s possible though.
Guess the disk is loaded from SD? What about keeping it in the RAM?
Hey Mr. Logan, if you read this, i love your emu and i remember that you consider it final. But can you share some thoughts if anything (like diskloading^^) can be improved?
Thanks!  :)


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