Author Topic: Watch out for misallignment issues !!!! (they slow down your software a lot)  (Read 9690 times)


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Just an additional post:

I also found an interesting code from Notaz's homepage:

You can get it from:

extract it and you will find in the 'test' directory, there are two files named align_test.c and load_imm_test.c, seems quite helpful.

I wrote those to test what ARM9 does with misaligned loads and stores w/o kernel intervention. It was important since it was trying to use the system's behavior for emulating ARM7 misalignment as much as possible. If you want to use it just to cause a misalignment fault then it'll work but really it's pretty easy to do that anyway..

load_imm_test.c isn't related to any of this.


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awesome, snes9x source code!!!

I hope there are some improvements soon...I've been hoping for fullspeed snes emulation since pocketsnes on gp2x

LOL, lucky.  I can't even make SNES9x work on my the Dingux application.  All I get is a flash of red and pink screen.
So I just use the native for SNES.  It works fine.

I'd love to see ZS-NES, though, I like that one better than SNES9x.


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zsnes are meant to be used on x86 processors...

no way it lands on dingoo


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zsnes are meant to be used on x86 processors...

no way it lands on dingoo

Oh, well...didn't know that.  Well, at any rate, I can't make the pre-packaged SNES9x work on Dingux, not at all.  It never worked at all.  Part of the package, but it never worked, don't ask me why.


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SNES9x doesn't work for me either. Just goes to a blank screen that I can't do anything with.


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Thank you. Now I suspect this is the reason why the DOSBOX crashed. 
Are you referring to DosBox, the DOS emulator? Is it being ported to the Dingoo liketo  the gp2x Wiz? It'd be great!
Write/save problems? Segmentation faults? Black screens? Read the Troubleshooting and FAQ guide first to fix your issues! :)
SD Card readonly/corruption issues? Chkdisk /F and steer clear from DMenu: use GMenu instead!


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I looked at the zsnes code, and it looks pretty unportable. A huge amount of it is written in x86 assembly (the CPU core, etc... even a lot of the UI code!) unfortunately.

It might be worth looking into the PSP version of snes9x though, to see if they optimised it for MIPS


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